Cut. Quilt. Love.


Ebony is a well-known and quite popular expert on fabric die-cutting. She maintains a highly-viewed YouTube Channel, where she posts videos about die-cutting, as well as regularly publishes tips and tutorials on her blog. In addition, she also writes content for die-cutting related sites and blogs, moderates several Yahoo Groups related to die-cutting, and actively participates in the fabric die-cutting community. On the right side of this page, you'll find some of her great die-cutting resources. She also regularly posts tutorials and other helpful information to the blog.


Die-Cutting Machines in Ebony's Studio

AccuQuilt Studio: His name is Mr. T., because as Ebony puts it, "He pities the fool who's still rotary cutting!" In Ebony's world, Mr. T. is second only to her long arm, Mr. Darcy. Mr. T. was a character in an 80's TV series called the A-Team; he was tough & didn't take any nonsense.

AccuQuilt GO!: Her name is Scarlett, named for the feisty heroine in Gone With the Wind. Yes, sometimes she's just as temperamental as her namesake.

AccuQuilt GO! Baby: Her name is Jo, named for the unforgettable character in Little Women. Jo is pretty plucky, and she's always up for an adventure. Unfortunately, since Jo is the smallest and least expensive cutter, she often bears the brunt of Ebony's constant experimentation.

Sizzix Big Shot: Our original black & pink Big Shot is named Isis and she arrived just in time for the 4th of July. When she arrived all blinged out (there are 4 little rhinestones that decorate her case) we just knew she was a goddess. Her companion (and revamped teal Big Shot) is Osiris, and the new Fabi is named Horus.

Sizzix Big Shot Pro: Her name is Cleopatra, named for the last Egyptian Pharaoh, and she arrived in the studio late in the summer of 2012. She's sitting on her throne and is fully prepared to lord over us all..