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Customer Testimonials

What customers are saying about LoveBug Studios Quilts:

“To thank you is not enough, to praise your talent is not enough. To know you care about your customers and their dreams is someting special in the person you are.”
- S. Ciserano

I got the red/white/blue quilt today and I absolutely LOVE it!!! You did an outstanding job on it and I’m sure it will be well-loved by the guy who will be getting it for Christmas. I will be binding this one in early November and will send you a photo of it when it is done!

Hugs to you and MANY thanks – PAT

P.S. And tell Mr. Darcy thanks, too!!! :)

I recently received a baby quilt at my baby shower for my son Miles from LoveBug Studios and we absolutely love it! The quilt contains lively colors of the alphabets that my son will not only be able to roll around on but will serve as a learning tool too. I was truly impressed with the level of detail in the quilt — precision stiching that can only be delivered by an experienced seamstress. The material is high quality which to a mother means durability and lasting.

I would highly recommend that anyone considering a quilt for themselves or as a gift for a friend or family member go to LoveBug Studios for the work. They will not be disappointed.

-C. Edwards

“I love it! It is so beautiful and unusual. I currently display it on top of my grand piano and it is the ONLY thing that is allowed on top of my lovely piano. I was delighted with my quilt and will treasure it always.”

- M.E. Latschar

“We received the loveliest quilt we have ever seen for our newborn as a baby shower gift. In fact, everyone at the baby shower was in awe when the quilt was given. They all LOVED the quilt and were very impressed with everything about it. Our daughter has had it now for some time and loves it. The quilt is in bright colors and has an outstanding, durable quality to it. Thanks LoveBug Studios!!!”

- M. Chapman

I really like the design! Thanks for all the thought and work you put into the design. It worked out quite well… I thought the whole process worked well….you took some ideas and ran with them. I think the quilt reflects a great collaborative effort! You worked very fast!

- J. Luetmer

I officially want to thank you…You have no idea how pleased we were with your work. The quilt was beautiful and exactly what we wanted. We came into this with an idea in our hearts and you made it real. Loretta was overwhelmed, as was everyone else who saw it. The quilt was what Children’s Ministry is all about…only in quilt form.

Thank you so much for your professionalism also; you put your thoughts and heart into it and obviously listened to Denise and myself. If I ever hear of someone looking for a quilt or just with an idea I will, without hesitation, send them to you. God bless.

- Beth